Founder's Circle is a passionate group of monthly givers determined to change children’s lives through providing playgrounds.

Founder's Circle is the key to Project Playground building more and better playgrounds for kids in the toughest parts of the world. This sustainable and predictable income allows us to help children we couldn’t help otherwise.



What three things do you get with Founder's Circle?
Long Lasting Impact
Real Time Follow Up
Unique Opportunity

Build More &
Better Playgrounds

  • The goal: 25 playgrounds a year. This requires resources and staff we don’t yet have.

  • Quality playground parts require time and money to refurbish correctly.

  • Founder's Circle members directly impact our ability to build more playgrounds and do them with greater excellence.

Impact Hardest to Reach Areas

  • Often the kids in the most need of a playground are the toughest to reach.

  • Founder's Circle creates the means to bring more playgrounds to more difficult places such as the jungles of South America and the heart of Africa.

  • These shipments are considerably more expensive, requiring additional time, money, contacts, and resources. Founder's Circle allows us do more of these types of projects, helping kids in the toughest situations and hardest parts of the world.

See Your Impact Now

  • Playgrounds change everything and their impact is immediate.

  • Each Founder's Circle member receives a cloud frame, connecting them to the building experience in a unique way.

  • Each time a playground is built, you immediately receive photos and video of the playgrounds you helped plant. You can experience each playground build right in your home or office!

Join today and make a difference.